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Meet the team behind it all

Erki Ani, CEO

I am one of the founders of the Estonian cleantech startup sector and have helped the Estonian cleantech sector develop since its birth.


I started my cleantech startup journey in 2014 in the Netherlands and tried it again in 2016 back in Estonia. After that, an excellent opportunity to become the CEO of Cleantech Estonia, leading the acceleration programmes for startups, came about and led me to help founders do impactful stuff. I am also the Co-Founder of Little Green Fund and one of the region’s first cleantech specialised accelerators, Beamline, combining a portfolio of 78 cleantech startups.


Today my responsibilities are expanding in the Baltics region as the Executive Director of Cleantech for Baltics. I ensure that innovation opportunities and policy walk the same path, as well as make sure the more significant opportunities in cleantech investments are dealt with in a highly specialised manner.

Indrek Kelder, Co-Founder & CFO

If I were to describe myself in just one word, then perhaps “techno-optimist” would be the one. 


I’ve been around startups since the early 2000s and a conscious cleantech enthusiast since the early 2010s. Around 2015, I joined the two into a hobby and a job.

I've gathered years of investing experience from SmartCap, and business development know-how from several hardware startups. I'm proud to find and support cleantech entrepreneurs and startups through Cleantech Estonia. My greatest strengths are mentoring new teams and making sense of their business models and value propositions.


Kadri Piho, Project Manager

I wish to let everyone hear about the benefits of clean technology.

I have 15 years of diverse experience in the environmental field. I have worked as a chemist testing toxic elements in food and water. After getting my MSc in sustainable energetics, I was a development engineer for a new type of flexible printed solar cells. Following that, I focused for years on recycling, waste reduction and circular economy.

I also have entrepreneurial experience, which includes founding circular economy startup Topsiring. I've been active in the startup field since 2015. In addition, I'm also a systems innovation coach.

Contact: kadri@cleantecheston

Katerina Chantzi, COO

I'm passionate about giving others the opportunity to pursue their dreams, which benefit society. I do this by supporting the development of early-stage cleantech startups through my work at Cleantech Estonia.


I began my career in cleantech in 2019 while pursuing my master's degree in social entrepreneurship. I started my own green recycling business and joined Cleantech Estonia in 2021 as a Project Manager. Since then, I've coordinated several projects that initiate, incubate, and accelerate cleantech ideas.


Currently, I'm responsible for ensuring that Cleantech Estonia achieves its internal and external goals. I accomplish this by developing and driving the organization's strategy, overseeing day-to-day operations, coaching the team, and building and maintaining trusting relationships with external stakeholders.

Triin Viilvere, Marketing Manager
I want to share the voice of cleantech startups to ensure their achievements will be recognized!

It all started in 2018 when I joined the team of Cleantech Estonia. Starting in a position that was new to me, the past years have unfolded the world of cleantech. Every day I'm still amazed at all the promising startups from Estonia and beyond aiming to replace the old polluting technologies.

From 2016 to 2018 I gained experience in Brussels, working for the NGO IFOAM EU which advocates organic agriculture in Europe. Before that, I focused on solving food waste problems in Estonia at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Tallinn.


Heili Hiis, Executive Assistant

Each year, the importance of green startups becomes more apparent. I want to be a part of the cleantech community to see all the new developments and innovations firsthand.

I started my journey with Cleantech Estonia in 2021 as a part of a summer internship. After graduating in 2022 with a BSc in Environmental Management, I was happy to join the team.

Since joining the cleantech community, I have met amazing people and learned a lot. Working in this sector is exciting and gives me hope for a more sustainable future.

Contact: heili

Hanna Ess, Marketing & Communications Assistant

My journey with cleantech began in the summer of 2021 when I made the decision to apply for an internship at Cleantech Estonia. Entering the world of startups and innovation that summer made me understand that this is something I want to learn more about.

After graduating and acquiring my BSc in Environmental Management in 2022, I got the chance to join the team.

I'm thrilled to be able to play my small part in the success of cleantech startups and will always be amazed at what people are capable of creating. I've had the chance to witness some pretty awesome stuff and am excited about what's to come!

Contact: hanna

Karl-Joosep Pärtel, Partnerships & Startups
I’ve dived into the cleantech scene as a Co-Founder of cleantech startups, accelerators, and small funds. In Cleantech Estonia I've helped to run various projects, although my heart lies in helping entrepreneurs further with their awesome ideas.

I have an MSc in innovation management and a business background focused on bringing new products and services to the market.

A founder must know something about everything and that characterises me well. So if you’re in the early phase and want to ask about investment readiness, marketing, team building, grants, strategy, or anything in between, then shoot!

Contact: karl@clean

Kaija Veskioja, Co-Founder & Advisor

I am the Research Director in Cleantech for Baltics, a pan-European think tank with the aim to scale cleantech innovation from the Baltics to the global level.

I am also a part-time researcher at FinEst Centre of Smart Cities and worked as the Product Manager of the Estfeed data exchange platform at Elering from 2016 (Estonian electricity and gas TSO). I have managed the Greentech sector at Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol and PAKRI Science and Industrial Park (2014-2016) and worked with cleantech start-ups and growth companies on business and export development issues.

I am the Co-Founder of Cleantech Estonia and have a PhD in Technology Governance from TalTech, under which I researched Science, Technology and Innovation policies and sustainability transitions.


Marit Sall Lyngbaek, Co-Founder & Advisor

I have an environmental technology background and experience in building green business communities on a national level at Startup Estonia. I have crazy ideas about Cleantech Estonia's next projects and am always scouting for new partners.

I am representing the organisation in Silicon Valley. I am an advisor on fundraising, partnerships, community growth and strategic marketing.


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