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ClimateLaunchpad is much more than just an idea competition. Read why

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

ClimateLaunchpad program has been taking place in Estonia already 6th year in a row. Dozens of startups have taken part, some of them have not worked out but some of them are more than alive and doing great! And that's exactly a story of a startup called EKOTEKT - team that is bringing to you a robot that will construct your dream home.

First, robot what?

EKOTEKT is a construction company constructing houses using large scale 3D printer (robot – picture below). Their vision is to create positive climate impact by reducing CO2 emissions in residential building construction industry. With their smart automatic construction technology, they create customized homes in far less time and far more sustainable and affordable price compared to conventional construction methods.

EKOTEKT team with their brand new robot. Founder Abhishek Kumar on the left and his partner Ville Hyyryläinen on the right.

More about the team and how it all started

The founder is an architect Abhishek Kumar from India. He has lived and worked as an architect in Stockholm, London and Denmark. When living in India and in Denmark, Abhishek started to develop this “3D printer building houses” business idea. His friends from Copenhagen who have visited Tallinn, told him many great things about the startup ecosystem in Estonia and advised him to establish the company in Estonia. In the later stage Abhishek applied for startup visa and his project was approved by startup committee as a Startup.

Abhishek came to Estonia in February 2019. He was attending almost all startup events and in May 2019 he met his partner Ville Hyyryläinen. From startup Estonia website Abhishek came to know about Cleantech ForEst, their activities and the green ideas competition ClimateLaunchpad. EKOTEKT idea aims to reduce CO2 emissions which is under cleantech category. So he applied to participate in ClimateLaunchpad Estonian program.

Why ClimateLaunchpad program?

Abhishek’s main purpose why he applied for ClimateLaunchpad was to make connections and to meet interesting people who are working in the field of sustainable production/services. Later he realized, that ClimateLaunchpad is much more than just an idea competition - in ClimateLaunchpad the team had opportunity to attend bootcamps, many coaching sessions from startup founders, lawyers, professors and investors. In the end team also had training to pitch their idea which turned out to be very helpful to validate their startup’s business model.

What the program gave you?

In ClimateLaunchpad 2019 Estonian finals EKOTEKT received the 3rd prize. This gave the team the chance to pitch the idea front of ClimateLaunchpad Global Finals jury members to win a chance to pitch in ClimateLaunchpad Global Grand Finals in Amsterdam. Fortunately the jury selected EKOTEKT and they went to Amsterdam in November 2019. Around 120 teams from all around the world participated in this events and EKOTEKT were among top 6 finalists in Deep Tech award category. All these prizes are very important to the team because it gives them more confidence and valuable feedback from the jury members and stamp of approval that EKOTEKT is going in the right direction.

EKOTEKT at ClimateLaunchpad Estonian Finals August 2019 with Cleantech ForEst team.

What next?

In ClimateLaunchpad Estonian Finals EKOTEKT also won the direct access to Beta Beamline pre-accelerator program which is organized by Cleantech ForEst. In Beta Beamline they are receiving € 10,000 grant and mentorship. With this support, team is able to setup their 3D construction printing production facility at Pakri Science and Industrial Park. At the moment, they are actively looking for investment. Their prototype is ready and soon they will be able to print sustainable houses.

Future demo house done by EKOTEKT printer.

Abhishek Kumar, founder of EKOTEKT: “Who have green idea, I recommend them to participate in ClimateLaunchpad program because they will get skills and knowledge to turn their green idea into the business.”

Bring your innovative idea to life!

Apply to ClimateLaunchpad program latest by 25th of April. 

More information on Cleantech ForEst blog

Apply on ClimateLaunchpad website HERE

Write to project manager Kadri Kaarna for any questions

Questions about EKOTEKT, write


Cleantech ForEst is an Estonian non-profit that started their activity in year 2016 dealing with financing start-ups that develop green/clean technologies, promote environmental education and sustainability topics. Cleantech ForEst has hosted major start-up and accelerator programs such as Beamline Beta,  ClimateLaunchpad, EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator, Climathon and more. To learn more about possibilities of different green technology developments, contact the CEO of Cleantech ForEst Erki Ani by email


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