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The best new green business ideas in Estonia 2019!

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

The world's largest green business ideas competition ClimateLaunchpad has finished its 3 months mentoring program meaning that new startups are ready to compete globally! 10 inspiring startups were selected in the field of cleantech: from food applications to 3D house printing. 

The mission of ClimateLaunchpad is to address climate change through innovation and invention. ClimateLaunchpad is run by a central team, located in the Netherlands, which is supported by national teams who organize the competition in 74 locations world-wide including even Nigeria, Australia, Kenya, India, Azerbaijan, Brazil and many more. This year around 2600 teams with idea applied! ClimateLaunchpad has taken place in Estonia since 2015, it means we are celebrating our 5th season.

Want to know how to train, compete, launch and network? Check out Estonian program for ClimateLaunchpad here.

Every country will select their TOP 3 best teams who will all fly together to Amsterdam in The Netherlands on 14th - 15th of November 2019 to battle their way in the Grand Final. Besides money awards, 10 teams are selected to 6-month Climate-KIC business accelerator with up to € 85 000 equity free funding.

Be part of selecting the top 3 Estonian cleantech startups and come to the ClimateLaunchpad Estonian Final 27th of August in Mektory!

Join the Estonian Final event HERE.

10 Estonian innovative start-ups that are participating to reach the ClimateLaunchpad Grand Final are:

Ekotekt creates high quality houses at affordable price. Ekotekt reduces up to 70% construction time with large scale 3D construction printers. Ekotekt houses are more sustainable due to waste materials used in concrete walls. Ekotekt founder Abhishek says that people do not buy houses, they buy dreams :) Ekotekt builds high quality houses that are cheap, durable, modern and sustainable.

TeemeRingi / WasteAway is a team of 3 people who met in their master studies 2 years ago. Their common interest in waste management and finding a solution to single use package waste in take-away food industry, has grown into a startup now. Every resource that ends up in a garbage pin, is wasted resource! Therefore it is the mission of this young team to prevent excess waste and raise consumers awareness about single use resources as food packaging.

WhatPackage is creating a complete and comfortable e-shopping system for package-free stores. The system allows package-free stores to reach the customers who are ready to go package-free, but are looking for comfort of e-shopping. The solution consists of deposit, multi-use package, online platform and logistics components. It is easily adaptable by any retail package-free store worldwide.

CompAct provides an interactive and motivational toolkit for companies helping their employees form sustainable behaviour habits. At the same time building a responsible brand, increasing employee engagement and cutting down costs. CompAct toolkits' main feature is a chatbot (AI) that uses behavioral science and gamification methods to help people form sustainable habits in their everyday life. The chatbot can be integrated to Slack, Skype or Messenger, depending on the communication method the company uses. In addition, they provide visualized real-time results of the progress and saved resources.

EatRight is a mobile app that makes sustainable shopping easier through gamification. The app allows users to scan the product and see its´ ecological footprint. If it is big, a more environmentally friendly product is suggested. To keep users motivated, achievements can be unlocked. On the other hand, EatRight helps businesses stay on top of the sustainability list by providing them with data analyses and consultation.


Greenshift is a ride-sharing app for commuters. The service makes scheduling rides and sharing costs easy. Getting to know cool people in your community and having climate impact will be fun and rewarding.

Recyclist is an online marketplace, where a production company can sell any excess materials and products in order to save money, reduce waste going to landfill and to develop new business opportunities. Materials will go to companies, who will use them for producing their products. Someone's waste becomes a resource for another!

GetElectric is following the AirBnB and Uber business model. They are crowd-sourcing the Electric Cars Charging Service and growing the size and scope of the charging network by an order of magnitude. They handle all transactions and earn a premium from each. They provide extra income to venues and households and stimulate adoption of Electric Cars.

RoPotty - In 1950's 95% of children where potty trained by the age of 1,5 years. Today, children in the developed world wear diapers until 3 years on average. By reducing this age we save over a billion disposable diapers a year, that would otherwise end up in landfill.

RoPotty is a special potty-training device that parents can rent to teach their toddlers how to use the toilet. Making the potty exiting, educating and fun for children, helps the parents to save a lot of time, nerves and energy. RoPotty is building a renting system. That means parents don’t have to worry any more about what do to with the potty after their child is trained. They can just send it back and someone else will use it again. Let’ rent a potty!