OPEN CALL: Improve your skills on systems innovation

Updated: Aug 24

We provide professionals with the tools needed to join the generation of climate innovators for a transition to a net-zero society.

The programme breaks boundaries by drawing together climate change organisations and professionals from different backgrounds, sectors and experience levels.

The program experience is the only one of its kind, enabling professionals and organisations to get out of their comfort zone and look at things differently while experimenting and innovating to address climate change.

Pioneers into Practice program is for you, when

  • You have higher education related to environment or sustainability.

  • You have working experience in environmental field for at least 4 years.

Pioneers into Practice Elements:

  • eLearning on systems innovation

  • Workshops on systems innovation in Tallinn

  • Practical group challenges on local environmental challenges

  • International placements to get professional experience in another topic or sector

We’ve continuously experimented and evolved our learning approach, and we offer participants tools and techniques that focus on practical application. Through placements, group projects, eLearning and workshops, knowledge around these tools and the systems mindset is developed, tested and applied to real life climate challenges.

Many people make the decision to move into the sector or study climate at university because they already recognise that the race to a net-zero carbon economy is one of the most complex challenges of our time.

For example, we now know that traditional approaches to innovation, which tend to focus on a single or just a few aspects of an issue, aren’t effective enough to solve the problem. Climate change is deeply interconnected with other huge global problems such as food security, water scarcity, biodiversity depletion and environmental degradation.

Analysis of challenges and creation of solutions need to address entire systems, which therefore means a wholly different approach.

For over 10 years, Pioneers into Practise has been developing and delivering systems innovation capacity-building to climate change professionals. Long before this was the topic on every industry’s lips, through experimentation, agile learning and practical upskilling, the programme was providing participants with the systems innovation skills needed to lead a rapid transformation to a net-zero economy.

Application deadline is 30th of August 2021

Operating across Europe, we create dynamic networks of industry professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, public administration officials and freelancers, and we equip them with practical skills in systems innovation.

In climate and sustainability, this is the time to be ambitious. We want to test participants, stretch their limits and encourage them to think differently! To reach our net-zero goals, we need to keep learning, admit where we’re going wrong and think big.