Estonia's cleantech future - 9 promising startups

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Two cleantech accelerator programs – EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator and Beamline Beta - started in parallel to support 9 Estonian cleantech startups to reach investor readiness and provides funding of 215 000 euros that will be divided between the startups.

EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator is a business acceleration programme focused on climate impact. The Accelerator lasts for six months, and includes coaching, international bootcamps, masterclasses, and of course the kick-off financial support to keep the ball rolling.

Beamline Beta is the first Estonian pre-accelerator for cleantech startups. It is also six month program for startups that are still starting or already are in the Business Model development stage. It is intended to help early-stage startups refine and develop their unique selling proposition and business model. The first prototype can be finalized and assistance is provided to obtain industry feedback. Beamline Beta is powered by Cleantech ForEstSunly and Ministry of the Environment

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Nutikas ruumipõhine sensorite abil juhitav ventilatsioonisüsteem SmartVent annab lihtsalt kasutatava tagasiside võimaluse. Hoonehaldur saab veebirakendusest saadud infot analüüsida, ning selle põhjal tegeleda süsteemi kitsaskohtadega. Nii saab elektrilt kokku hoida, pikendada riistvara eluiga ja luua perfektse töökeskkonna.

SmartVent is giving tenants an easy and quick way to give their feedback on the air quality, building manager can analyse that feedback from the web-app, discover shortcomings in the system and take action. You can cut down those unreal energy costs and make sure that your hardware lasts longer and create a perfect working environment. / Joosep Hendrik Sild,


Vetik tegeleb Saaremaa ja Hiiumaa vahel kasvava punavetika väärindamise arendamisega. Vetikas leidub punast pigmenti, mis on looduslikuks alternatiiviks asendamaks tänapäeval kosmeetikas kasutatavaid ebatervislikke värvaineid.

Vetik is a new Estonian startup developing algae based products (red colorant, seaweed extract) for cosmetics. Red pigment, which is found in a seaweed, is a natural alternative to replace unhealthy dyes found in cosmetics. / Valmar Kasuk,