Bring your innovative idea to life - Apply to ClimateLaunchpad 2020

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Do you have a sustainable business idea on the back of your mind? Or the solution to a problem that will better the future for all mankind? You are in the right place!

The new decade starts off with an amazing opportunity to grow your idea into sustainable reality - take part in the world's biggest green business ideas competition ClimateLaunchpad! Learn and train in Estonia during the 3-months mentoring period and compete worldwide with hundreds of other green business ideas.

It all starts with an idea and from a small conversation with a friend. So, apply even if your idea has been sketched only on a napkin.

What is ClimateLaunchpad about?

ClimateLaunchpad is - as mentioned before - the World's Largest Green Business Ideas Competition where you have the possibility to battle your way to global impact. By joining the competition and receiving the help you fast track your green business idea and will learn how to get it funded and launched. Worldwide.

ClimateLaunchpad welcomes innovations in renewable energy, food and agriculture, water, transportation, industrial technology, IoT, smart sustainable city or any other way that is more energy efficient or resources efficient. Check the list of themes and startups that have been supported by our programs.

ClimateLaunchpad's mission is to address the negative impacts of climate change by the ways of innovation, invention and entrepreneurship. A green future demands thousands of innovations challenging the current business models. The competition supports aspiring and promising cleantech entrepreneurs with training, coaching and networking opportunities. ClimateLaunchpad operates on a global scale, currently in over 53 countries including most EU countries, India, African countries and Australia.  Training and coaching was organised in 70 locations across all continents.

ClimateLaunchpad is taking place 6th year in Estonia. During this short period of time, potent and motivated teams have achieved crazy successes and conquered continents.

You can join them by sending your application by 30th of April 2020.


Learn all you can on how to successfully start your business. ClimateLaunchpad kicks off with an intensive Boot Camp & follow-up coaching sessions.


Battle your way to success during the National Competition and the Global Grand Final. Convince the jury and you’ll convince any client or investor.