Brand new pre-accelerator program took in innovative cleantech ideas

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Beamline Beta is the first Estonian pre-accelerator for cleantech startups. It is 4-month program for startups that are still starting or already are in the Business Model development stage. It is intended to help early-stage startups refine and develop their unique selling proposition and business model. Here the first prototype can be finalized and assistance is provided to obtain industry feedback. Beamline Beta is powered by Cleantech ForEstSunly and Ministry of the Environment

Seven lucky charms were taken into the program. Who are these great people behind these brilliant ideas? 



Team CompAct got together a year ago when Egle and Kaisa found out that they had been working on the same idea without knowing it. The first idea on how to change the behaviour habits of a whole population was born during the biggest climate innovation summer school Journey organized by EIT Climate KIC. After winning Loomehäkk the idea got a kick-off and a rapid development phase started.

CompAct develops an interactive and motivational chatbot that helps companies and their employees succeed in reaching their sustainability goals and obtain the Green Office certificate. Offices consume up to 40% of the world's raw materials and resources. By engaging employees through gamification and providing small tasks each day, they help them form sustainable behavior habits and split this big challenge of changing habits into small doable steps. 

CompAct keeps employees motivated by leading a real-life conversation, giving small individual tasks, reminders and fun team challenges. Employees can collect points, compete with each other and track their progress. CompAct helps the company build a responsible brand, increase teamwork and cut down costs.

CompAct has concluded pilot projects with 5 organizations: Tehnopol, Tele2, JCI World Conference, Elmo Rent 2.0 and Pakri Science and Industrial Park. Next step is to expand to the public sector by offering their service to educational institutions like schools.  

During the Beamline Beta CompAct has a goal to develop the toolkit to a level that everyone who wants to use CompAct in their office can buy the product from CompAct’s website with just a few clicks. 


Purpose of EKOTEKT is to design, sell and construct homes. Vision of the team is to make construction process completely automatic and development of the building only with artificial intelligence (machines).

EKOTEKT value proposition is to create homes that are much faster to construct, far greener than the average house but not being more expensive.

EKOTEKT is targeting homebuyers who would like to purchase a ecofriendly home but cannot afford the option that are currently available on the market.

The beginning of EKOTEKT is April 2019 but the main idea author Abhishek (on the picture above) is working on this field already since 2007. After he came to Estonia in 2019 he have applied to different incubators, attended many startup events, went to different universities and also collaborated with Technical University of Applied Science. Abhishek also participated spring-summer 2019 on the biggest green ideas competition ClimateLaunchpad and got access to the TOP3. During different startup events he met his other team members. So far EKOTEKT have made significant progress - just now they were in Helsinki to order robot which was the biggest challenge so far. Soon the printing of houses will start :).</