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These 10 Estonian cleantech startups are going global

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

The world's largest green business ideas competition ClimateLaunchpad had its kick off in Estonia. The two-day business boot camp brought together 10 inspiring startups in cleantech field, from 3D wood printing to herb infusion textile and drones.

The mission of ClimateLaunchpad is to address climate change through innovation and invention. ClimateLaunchpad is run by a central team, located in the Netherlands, which is supported by national teams who organise the competition in 51 locations world-wide including even Nigeria, Australia, Kenya, India, Azerbaijan, Brazil and many more. This year around 1200 teams with idea applied.

Read more about ClimateLaunchpad program in Estonis HERE.

Every country will select their TOP 3 best teams who will all fly together to Edinburgh 1st-2nd of November 2018 to the Grand Final. Besides money awards, 10 teams are selected to 6-month Climate-KIC business accelerator with up to € 95 000 equity free funding.

Be part of selecting the top 3 Estonian cleantech startups and come to the ClimateLaunchpad Estonian Final 15th of August in the Club of Different Rooms in Telliskivi.

Join the Estonian Final event HERE.

Estonian 10 innovative start-ups that are participating to reach the ClimateLaunchpad Grand Final are:


Eco-innovative 3D printing that gives wood waste a new value. 3cular is reinventing 3D printing in a sustainable way, enabling manufacturers to produce any kind of wooden objects out of leftover wood material, increasing resource productivity and reducing the use of plastics as the most popular 3D printing material.

Vertical farming

They rent vertical farming stack system to farmers who can sell these products throughout their distribution channel. This vertical farming and circular economy systems will be integrated into abandoned houses.


Reducing plastic waste one disposable cup at a time and makes the reusable washable cups a new normality! CIRCUP produces quick-wash machines for reusable coffee cups based on dry ice technology. Machine allows the users to wash their own mugs in coffee shops within seconds – quick, efficient and environmentally-friendly.


Textile that generates energy from movement. AUG-TEX is offering an alternative solution to decrease the demand of batteries and therefore the demand for Lithium. Energy generating fabric that transforms the power of the elements and the power from the movement of the individual into usable electricity all in a single textile.

Semita Solaris

A spin-off startup company for commercialization of smart road bricks. Semita Solaris provides solar bricks solution where the PV (photovoltaic) element is encapsulated into polymer-glass composite. The solution enables to produce electric power using the existing road surface without converting of natural landscapes and farmland. Produced and stored energy could be used for road electric infrastructure in combination with electric network or on autonomous mode without need for expensive wiring.


They make shipping cheaper, save fuel and provide environmentally sustainable solution. SilverHull provides first fully autonomous vessel's hull cleaning robot that cleans when the vessel is sailing. With that the fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission is reduced.

Did you know that the 10 biggest ships consume as much fuel as all the cars in the world combined? Did you know that ship with unclean vessel might need 20% more fuel?


They have found a unique catalyst which improves efficiency for hydrogen production from biomass. This hydrogen could be used to fuel hydrogen cars.