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Cleantech ForEst Funds These 6 Cleantech Startups with 150 000 Euros

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Cleantech ForEst is accelerating Estonian green innovation by supporting cleantech startups. This year we selected 6 teams to our Climate-KIC business accelerator in Estonia.

Cleantech ForEst Climate-KIC Accelerator

Climate-KIC Accelerator is a business acceleration programme focused on climate impact. Our Accelerator lasts for six months, and includes coaching, international bootcamps, masterclasses, and of course the kick-off financial support to keep the boll rolling.

Together with Climate-KIC, we decided to help these 6 startups to reach investor readiness and provide funding of 150 000 euros, that will be divided between startups.

Developing and producing building integrated photovoltaic modules that are stylish and durable. photovoltaic roofs reduce the installation and the material cost of construction. In addition, it improves the energy class of private houses by one letter.

Their photovoltaic roofs reduce significantly the cost of ownership. Making the investment once, you can enjoy the production of electricity over decades. The modules are designed to last. It is okay to walk on our roofs, also, they withstand to the snow, rain and hail. And they look awesome.

Gelatex Technologies

Developing a leatherlike textile that is cheaper and greener than real leather. Gelatex material is made of gelatin derived from the waste of meat or leather industries enabling to make up to 5 times more material from one animal.

Our mission is to make eco-friendly products accessible to anyone and normal part of everyday life, as we believe that this is the only way to create a global impact in environment protection.

PowerUp Energy Technologies

Initiated from University of Tartu Chemical lab they produce hydrogen fuel cell generators for the sailing boat market.

Their products are for the people who are looking for a zero-emission, quiet, lightweight and reliable electricity generation solution. Their 400W solution allows you to use GPS, keep the lights on, run the water pump and charge your mobile phone and laptop.

Their beachhead market is to provide backup generators for competitive high-end yachts. In the future their easy and safe hydrogen fuel cell solution allows you to extend the range of your electric car.


Optimizing electricity grid by engaging electricity consumers instead of using fossil fuels. Fusebox activates consumers to contribute to the electricity market and earns them money through participation in energy trade by demand response.

Laava Tech

Developing LED-based artificial lighting systems for commercial greenhouses. Their proprietary software controls LED lights to give each plant the best possible growing conditions to increase yield and decrease energy consumption.

Laava Tech operates on a subscription model, collecting data to create a library of optimal growing conditions for a huge number of plants around the world.


Northwind Engineering OÜ is developing the BLACwind system, which helps small and medium commercial wind turbines produce up to 40% more electricity. It is a hub for a wind turbine with a built in mechanical blade angle control system, that allows the blades to change their angle naturally to keep from overloading the generator during high winds.

They are currently building the prototype, which will be tested this summer as part of a pilot project with a Danish wind turbine manufacturer.

For more information about the startups, investment opportunities and business accelerator program, please contact Estonian national manager Erki Ani by writing:


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