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Join the green business revolution. Train in Estonia, compete globally.

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s leading green business ideas competition. It is set up to help aspiring entrepreneurs grow their green ideas into global businesses. The competition is now open for applications.

ClimateLaunchpad welcomes innovations in renewable energy, energy efficiency, food and agriculture, water, transportation, industrial technology or any other way to tackle climate change.

ClimateLaunchpad's mission is to address the negative impacts of climate change by ways of innovation, invention and entrepreneurship. A green future demands thousands of innovations challenging the current business models. The competition supports aspiring and promising cleantech entrepreneurs with training, coaching and networking opportunities. ClimateLaunchpad operates on a global scale, currently in over 35 countries including most EU countries, India and Australia.

Important dates in Estonia in 2018

Application deadline - June 9 Estonian Boot Camp - June 29 - July 1 Coaching period - July - August National Final in Tallinn - August 15 Grand Final in Scotland - November 2018

Read about Estonian amazing startup success stories of ClimateLaunchpad:

Application deadline is 9th of June 2018.

Apply here:

Frans Nauta, founder of ClimateLaunchpad: “Climate change is solvable. Not with one cure, we need - and there will be - thousands of big and small cures. That’s why ClimateLaunchpad boosts aspiring green entrepreneurs to global success. We train them and give them international stage. Our mission? Fixing climate change, one start-up at a time.”


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