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Apply now! Be among the greatest green startup success stories in Estonia.

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Take part in the world's biggest green business ideas competition ClimateLaunchpad.

Learn and train in Estonia during 3-months mentoring period and compete worldwide with thousand other green business ideas.

In Estonia ClimateLaunchpad is happening 4th year. During this short period youthful teams have achieved incredible successes and conquered other continents.

Here are just a few Estonian cleantech startup stories we are highly proud of.

Sympower team had mission to make home energy systems more efficient. They participated in the first Estonian ClimateLaunchpad BootCamp in Estonia in 2015. They created a cleaner and more sustainable energy system by reducing the need for fossil fuels through synchronising energy consumption with renewable resources. Last year they raised one million euros from angel investors and investment fund Enfuro Ventures. Today they have offices in many countries with head office in Amserdam.

Startup Reverse Resources knew that textile industry is the second biggest polluting industry in the world following energy sector. They focused on textile waste and struggled for long how to turn the solution into business model and make it financially sustainable. By now they have been rewarded highly, after ClimateLaunchpad III place in Estonian National Final they got €150,000 Global Change Award grant from the non-profit H&M Foundation. They have carried out extensive research among major fabric and garment factories in China and Bangladesh.

Imagine, how does it feel to compete among thousand of startups and you get the first place in the world. Amazing doesn't it? Estonian startup Gelatex did it!

Gelatex made revolution in leather industry by discovering technology to produce leather-like material made from gelatin. Their production is fully natural and no chemicals used.

Everyone knows how bad are endlessly used small plastic bags to the environment. Poko came up with a solution and launched the most comfortable eco-friendly shopping bag that has ever been made.

But people tend to forget reusable bags when going shopping spontaneously?Poko managed to overcome this obstacle as well. Poko bag goes inside a stylish key-holder that easily fits in the pocket and is never left behind.

Weighing only 10g, Poko is the lightweight champion, but it is also reusable for hundreds of times and machine washable. Brilliant and stylish!

Timeline of the program ClimateLaunchpad in Estonia:

Application deadline is 9th of June 2018.

Apply here:

It all just started with an idea and a small conversation with a friend. Apply even if your idea has been sketched only on a napkin.


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