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5 reasons to host a foreign sustainability expert for one month

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Pioneers into Practice Estonia Group Project

We invite aspiring pioneers and potential hosting organisations to apply to professional mobility programme Pioneers into Practice.

Operating in 17 European locations, the Pioneers program runs from May through to November and consists of a 4-6 week international placement, bespoke transitions thinking & systems innovation mentoring delivered through a structured workshop program, group works and online training.

International placements will happen in September and October in 2018. Estonian institutions, organisations and businesses are welcome to apply as a host to accept a foreign environmental expert to their team for 4-6 weeks. The scholarship for the pioneer is 2000 euros. The host gets all the knowledge, experience and fun, no charges come along.

The benefits of hosting a foreign expert in your team:

  • Gives new perspective, can generate new business cases and raises the competence.

  • Can solve a problem that you have been struggling with.

  • New key contacts from partnering EU countries and expanding your business network.

  • Learn about Systems Innovation. New for you? Wait for it.. You will get to know.

  • Breaks the workweek routine (as much as you allow it to).

Tallinn University of Technology hosted 8 pioneers in 2017. The coolest outcome for pioneers was their participation in the entrepreneurship program STARTERtech lectures and meeting with other foreign students. Their actions in the fieldwork outside of Tallinn were remarkable. It was a great pleasure for TUT to show the pristine nature and mining activities and pioneers liked to get their hands dirty and travel around the country.

Climate and energy expert Kerli Kirsimaa working in SEI Tallinn spent one month as a pioneer in Cyprus Energy Agency. This year SEI Tallinn is hosting a foreign expert the same way. SEI Tallinn hopes to offer the pioneer an interesting work experience in their knowledgeable and friendly team, whilst expecting to gain a valuable new contact and fresh new ideas in return.

You can be a host, when you:

  • show experience or interest in the topic of climate change or the low carbon economy.

  • are open-minded organization that is keen to learn, share, enjoy and use it as a win-win situation!

Application deadline is 15th of April. Apply here:

If you have any questions then reach out to the Pioneers into Practice Estonian Manager Kadri Kaarna:

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