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3 Sustainability Hacks from Our New ClimateLaunchpad Manager

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Clean technology sector is growing rapidly. To keep up with the increasing demand for cleantech business development support we need to grow as well. We are happy to welcome a new member to our team - a successful environmental engineer and zero waste promoter Kadri Kaarna.

Kadri has a diverse experience in the cleantech sector. She has worked in different chemical labs and knows pretty precisely what might be in our tap water. After her MSc in sustainable energetics she was a development engineer for next generation flexible printed solar cells. Kadri has contributed to waste reduction with awareness raising communication, compiling recycling study materials for every school and launching circular economy initiation Topsiring. We are also excited to have her experience in marketing, so that all the great cleantech events and innovation breakthroughs will be announced widely.

We had some burning questions we wanted to ask her during her first day at work. Here’s what she said:

The coolest cleantech startup is: 3Cular – 3D printing with sawdust

My favorite sustainability hack: Walk or bike to work. Good mood guaranteed 😊

Environmental problem that keeps me awake at night: Lower food quality due to soil mineral loss, water contamination and chemicals.

Easiest way to reduce plastic at home is: Cook from scratch. By scratch I mean real food, the way it grows in the nature. Start with pure veggies and fruits and nuts and grains as they come in their natural form.

Best place to learn about environmental protection: Visit your countryside granny

Friends call me: To meet up!

To get a Pioneers scholarship from me, you need to: Know your Why?

Next event where you can find me: Urban gardening workshop

Please reach out to her if you have any questions about Pioneers into Practice scholarship programme or our startup support initiative ClimateLaunchpad at

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