10 innovative startups contributing to a net-zero carbon economy aka ClimAccelerator starts!

Updated: Oct 12

We are happy to announce that the selection of startups for the ClimAccelerator program is finished and the program with the startups have started!

ClimAccelerator is for climate-positive startups from Baltic States and from Slovakia. The program is delivered by cleantech experts and tailored to support startups in the regions mentioned before. The accelerator helps to scale solutions and take the startups venture globally, attracting potential investors and vastly expanding the reach of the ideas.

“Teams that got in to the program are motivated and passionate about fighting with the climate change. We found 37 ambitious startups from 4 countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia and we are more than thrilled to help them to grow their ideas and support in any way we can”, says the Estonian program lead Karl-Joosep Pärtel from Cleantech Estonia.

The program started in September 2021 and it’s a 3-stage business accelerator with up to 10 000 euros non-equity cash, workshops, network, and business support to helps to get startups to a new level. 5 startups will join Stage 1 and 3 startups - stage 2 and 3. Want to read about the awesome ideas who joined from Estonia? Continue to read below.


KRATTWORKS has designed a system that provides fast situational awareness for fire fighters, security companies, search&rescue teams and police. They help first responders to detect objects of interest automatically by using machine vision on board of the drones and to share this information instantly across all platforms using mobile networks.

KrattWorks drones can detect humans, cars, location of the fire, flooded areas etc and if mobile networks are available this data is transmitted to the server and central control room while the drone is still in flight.

KrattWorks can also combine the drone aerial data with other information: like landscape elevation module, wind speed and direction, vegetation type and humidity and use AI to predict where the fire will spread. Their drones can do precision landing into a drone nest or onto the roof of a fire truck, the drones have obstacle avoidance and machine learning capability and they can fly without range limit in mobile networks.

Photo: System of KrattWorks.

VAAL AIRSHIPS OÜ is a deep-tech startup, working on creating a physical High Altitude Pseudo Satellite platform in order to offer radically improved Earth observability and niche connectivity services instead of satellites – Enabling many climate scenarios with observability and connectivity while significantly reducing ecological footprint to do so. Digital twin of earth can be built based on our data, with much better pixel rate, refresh rate and a smaller footprint.

VAAL has an energetic hands-on team with good technical competence and strong leadership. The team has flown several probes into the stratosphere, taking measurements and learning about flight dynamics. The team have experience with space technologies, materials and systems required and the environmental conditions.

Photo: The team behind VAAL Airships.

ENDANGERED WILDLIFE OÜ is a tech for good fintech that values biodiversity. The company has developed a sophisticated Biodiversity Valuator which is a first of its kind, and uses machine learning and environmental statistics, environmental economics, pure finance and pure statistics. The Biodiversity Valuator SaaS solution, which is currently under development, calculates the financial value of individual species of biodiversity in specific locations.

The world is a monetary economy and it is believed that, until people can understand and relate to the value of biodiversity, they will not understand their responsibility to conserving and not over utilising it. The Biodiversity Valuator financially quantifies the benefit of biodiversity and thereby adds value to sustainability reporting and decision making by allowing corporates and investors to integrate biodiversity into the decision-making process; to financially measure and disclose their environmental impact; and to calculate an impact return on investment.


Globally, we have reached a world where sustainability has become a key factor and neutralizing the carbon footprint is the responsibility of every country, every company and individual person. For more than a year, Eesti Metsameister have been working on an innovative Co2 calculator that, in addition to measuring, also calculates real-life practical solutions for offsetting your footprint. The growing market requires regulated action to avoid misleading greenwashing, which is why Metsameister developes a product in collaboration with known scientists and internationally certified methodologies!

Team of Metsameister is characterised by the implementation of a bold idea, accompanied by rational, well-thought-out activities. They are known to follow the known proverb - measure Twice, c