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Are you an individual or a team with an innovative idea or a startup seeking for funding?


Is your idea about energy efficiency, sustainability or something else in cleantech? Check out to which startup support program your idea is eligible. The Green Mile is a preselection tool that gathers all the business competitions, bootcamps, mentoring programs, business accelerators and funding oppourtunities in cleantech sector in Estonia. We guide you to select the most suitable program for your ideas to conquer new markets and kick off your startup!


Who are we looking for: 

  • Sustainable transport

  • Cleantech ICT, IoT

  • Agriculture and food

  • Novel materials

  • Smart and efficient buildings and cities

  • Water, air and waste technologies

  • Clean coal and gas technology

  • Energy efficiency and storage

  • Nuclear

  • Renewable energies

  • Smart electric grid

  • Energy from chemical fuels


What you’ll get:

  • Top notch mentors and experts

  • National and international workshops and boot camps

  • Access to investors

  • Possibility for up to 5€ mln investments

  • Competitions with prizes up to 20 000 €

  • International network and visibility for your startup

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